Friday, February 18, 2011

Can I channel Hallmark?

I just saw this and figured it seems too fun, I'd have to jump in while there was still time. Time being less than 30 minutes, so very tardy, but still legal!

This week's prompt for the Saturday Centus hosted by Jenny Matlock at Off My Tangent was a picture.

This one to be exact. Cute, right? And in celebration of V Day, not VD day, we were also prompted to write our Centus in the vein of a Hallmark Romance card. And we have 50 words to do so.

I've titled my Centus. The Power of Love. Here goes.


The Power of Love

To my Wonder Woman,

As the years go by,
and the wrinkles grow deeper,
so does my love;
now superhuman in strength. 

Your flaws, invisible to me.

You've lassoed my heart
and I can only speak truth when I say
I can't look at you without smiling.

I love you.