Friday, April 1, 2011

What do you do when you can't think of a rhyme?

Jenny Matlock
So I heard about this weeks Centus and could not pass it up. A 100 word, RHYMING poem, (cool), in the style of Dr. Seuss (fun!), with the prompt: I'm not a chicken. (Amazing.) I swear I didn't submit this prompt, but over here at Why the chicken Crossed the Road, I felt it was my duty to participate this week, even if it be in the last few minutes of the time limit.

This got me thinking back to all my favorite Dr. Seuss books. Fox on Socks has solidified first place, but the rest kind of battle each other: Hop on Pop, Go dog Go, and Green Eggs and Ham, are all good, but what Dr. Seuss really deserves credit for is doing something I don't know that any poet has ever done. If he couldn't think of a word that rhymed with what he was saying, he could simply make one up, draw a doodle of what it is, and be good. And he was a giant success.

Anyway, here is my attempt at a Seuss Sounding Centus. The prompt is in bold. It's titled, The ZumbiDuck's defense.


  The ZumbiDuck's Defense

 “I’m not a chicken!”
The ZumbiDuck squawked,
with shock he was stricken.

“I can play the ramtoozle
While on Metamucil
And my beats, still will be kickin.

I can swim over countries,
Fly on the ground
And even jog through the seas.

I can cross the street without question
Nor do I have a suggestion
On what was first, the egg? Tell me please.

A Chicken? No, I’m much more.
I’m not made of rubber.
And won’t ever cluck when you snore.

I’m two headed for smarts,
Have five different hearts,
And my beauty shines from my core.”

"Fine. How about a scaredy-cat then?"