Sunday, October 3, 2010

A picture is worth 100 words?

Jenny Matlock

For this week's Saturday Centus we were provided a picture instead of a sentence as a prompt. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but still we are only allowed 100, none of which can be curse words or, as much as we want to use it, rutabaga. Check the Saturday Centus to read all the different stories that can come from one picture and a 100 thoughtfully scrutinized words. It's amazing.

Here is the picture posted as the prompt:

I know what you're thinking. Everyone is going to write about the same thing. How can you look at this picture and not write about the Spanish inquisition? I fought really hard to resist and came up with this story I've titled A Horrifying First Halloween. 

A Horrifying First Halloween

There was always talk in the orphanage of Halloween, but dreams of being a witch, ghost, or Elvis, were crushed by the Head Mistress. 

October 5th, my day finally came. I was adopted! By a nice family too, with a nine year old and a dog. 

But happily ever after failed me. One night, as we sat happily around the table, the son charged me with a knife. He scalped me. Gutted my insides. And for extra measure, the morbid boy carved a smile into my face. 

This was Halloween?! I have to warn the others at the pumpkin patch!