Monday, August 2, 2010

Why do the lobsters have to die!?

Jenny Matlock

This Saturday Centus thing is cruel. This week, as I wrote my centus, my words transformed into lobsters. Yes, you heard read right, lobsters. With each word count check I found out some of my lobsters would have to go into the melting pot. And oh, oh would they scream and fight, begging to be one of the chosen ones. Begging to live forever on this page. But alas, my babies, my lobsters, had to be boiled down, to 100 words. Now, being a vegetarian, I can't really say much about the deliciousness of Lobster. I don't know. I've never had one. But maybe in my comment box, you can tell me how my lobsters taste. :)

This Saturday Centus is titled, Truth vs. Words
The prompt appears in bold.

Truth Vs. Words.

Once upon a time,
words were meaningless.
At least to poor Clara,
sweet Princess Penniless.

Happy endings were something else,
in her reality, far from fairytale land.
Never knowing kisses, she mastered taking
the burn from a smacking hand.

"I promise." meant nothing.
"I love you." a lie, used simply to pass time.
Men coming, going, stealing her heart,
never charged for the crime.


She wanted better. 

Deserved better.

Finally, her prince did arrive...

"I'll love you forever." He spoke absolute truth,
brushing hair from her face with the gentlest touch.
She teared up.
Words had power again.
And that's why it meant so much.

This was part of the Saturday Centus hosted by Jenny Matlock at Off My Tangent.


  1. Can you say "emotional rollercoaster"?

    I laughed with the first stanza, plummeted with the middle parts and sent forth an "AWWWWWWWWW!" at the end.

    You're a hoot!

  2. The lobsters are laughing.....


    To me, the taste is their revenge for the boiling...
    Although I'm a meat eater, I don't like them!

  3. LOL! Your lobsters tasted divine! I even had seconds. Great job, Lissa. Quite an original and creative take on the prompt! (Glad you didn't go with the vegetarian lobsters...ewwww!)

  4. I don't eat sea food of any kind so can't help you with the lobsters. I'm happy for Princes Penniless. I guess she'll get married and be penniless no more. Great Centus.

  5. Words. So powerful, yet at times at such a loss. I am happy for the princess and truly loved your words tonight. I hope you come back Saturday!

  6. Beautiful.

    I can't tell you about lobsters...

    ...but I can tell you what I like.

    And I like this.

    I love the rhythm of this free-form verse...

    And the sentiments and images you painted so adeptly with carefully scribed letters...

    And I love how you described the word "hope" without once using the actual word.

    Awesome word crafting. I think you are genetically predisposed to writing greatness.