Saturday, March 5, 2011

What do you do when you're in a pickle?

Jenny Matlock 
I can't believe it. I'm actually participating in Saturday Centus on, of all days, Saturday! Wow. This weeks prompt was: Everything depended upon this single card. I've titled my centus, On Air. The prompt appears as usual in bold.

On Air

Thousands were watching.

The blinking red dot stared her down. She showed nothing but confidence.

The applause died down. She soaked it in. Here it was. Time to bring it all home.

The cue card switched. She continued her speech. Addressing the camera-

"Which is why, in this time of crisis, I urge you all to stand with me and--"

The card switched again.

She froze.
Everything depended upon this single card
and it was BLANK.


The world was collapsing on her. Suffocating.

The primed robot would have to actually speak for herself.

If only she'd thought of dancing a jig off the stage...



  1. Hahahahaha! This is by far the most original! You are a genius!!!

  2. Very good use of the prompt.Oh, the horror of public speaking and no cue cards...well done !!!

  3. Excellent!!! and so genius!

  4. Oh, funny and original. You made me laugh - well done:-)

  5. Oh my heart was in my mouth! Mind, serves her right for not knowing it in the first place! ;)

  6. Creative use here--cue card. Nice angle!

  7. I love your original take on this prompt - a cue card never even crossed my mind. You captured her panic beautifully - well done! Kat

  8. dancing a jig off the stage! Loved, loved, loved this! I can so picture that in my mind. I'm very happy to have stopped by and read your take on Jenny's prompt.

  9. LOL. Sure would like to see a certain politician get caught reading from a teleprompter and stumble like that! Ha ha Good one!~Ames

  10. Very clever. Yes, a jig would've saved her. Great, fun centus.

  11. Brilliant! Only you could have come up with a scenario this hilarious using this weeks prompt.

    Color me jealous!

    Great job, Lissa!

  12. Haha! Very cool! This has left me giggling :)

  13. very clever...and if I ever found myself in a pickle...for real I'd have to escape quickly!

  14. I thought of lots of cards, but a cue card never entered my mind. Great imaginative take on this prompt!


  15. Love, love, loved this! It made me smile...and then think...and then smile again.

    I decided I would take it at 'lite' value rather than the complicated stuff that wanted to jump into my brain!

    Thanks for a wonderful link!