Saturday, August 6, 2011

Murder for Breakfast?

I didn't want to pass this one up.

Here's my Saturday Centus for this week. Just barely before the deadline. Eek.

For a prompt this week we were given this picture.

I've entitled my Centus Baker's Dozen


Baker's Dozen

Baker’s blood boiled beneath her skin. 

Benedict had turned on her, pouring salt into her already open wounds. She had a hard shell for a reason but he broke it  then leaked all her secrets to his posse.

She wouldn't be beat. And so she pushed Benedict from the 27th floor. 

He splattered on the concrete. She watched the liar fry in the sun just as she would for her sin. She tried to stay positive. See the sunny-side. But as the cops circled the scene she knew it wouldn’t be over easy. 

There were still a dozen to go. 




  1. This eggs-alent! Loved it because it is so cleverly put together, not a quick scramble at all!

  2. Extraordinary!! Has a certain noirish feel to it...Peace and blessings

  3. That was awesome!!!!!! oh my, I can't stop laughing.

  4. Full of such great puns...good job. Eggactly what we needed to read!!!

  5. I love the whole idea of Eggs Benedict, one of my favorite breakfast treats! You are so clever to weave it into this dastardly tale of shattered shells.


  6. This is just so freaking brilliant! what a great tale!

  7. I loved this and the different and clever direction you took with it...BRAVO !

  8. So funny! So clever! An unusual perspective!
    I love it! What a story!
    Sorry I am so late with my comments. I am still very busy moving.
    Best wishes,
    'John Tell, expert on tourism' Anna's SC wk 65

  9. Oh, it is so wonderful to see you.

    What a fabulous take on this picture prompt.

    Love the way you words this and built tension in this perfect gem of a story!