Saturday, January 8, 2011

How about THIS for a blockbuster?

***I apologize for the multitude of typos or lack of comprehensible sentences that may follow below, as I am very tired***

I've had a rather sleepless week this week, staying up often til 5 or even, once pulling an all nighter and staying up for 36 hours and going to two classes.  The reason? School has started up again, which means I have to go back to reporting to my Feature Film symposium class. The class is 9 months long and in the end of it we should have a second draft done on our own feature. This week I am supposed to turn in another 10 pages of my script therefore totaling 40, but over the break I decided to change so much of my story, I am now rewriting the first 30 pages as well. Writing 40 pages in less than one week. Oh plus reading all 5 hours of the original untranslated Hamlet. It's making for a tiring week.

Now it's 6 in the morning and I'm not up "early",  just still up, working on my feature. In needing to take a break from writing, I oddly enough decided I would do... more writing. So I've put aside my feature for the moment and am participating once again in the Saturday Centus.

Jenny Matlock

The Saturday Centus is a meme hosted by Jenny Matlock in which every week we will be given a prompt, usually a sentence or two, that you must form a story around using only an additional 100 words. You must include the prompt but cannot break up or alter the prompt in any way,  and you may not use pictures, or foul language.

This week she is throwing us a twist, and breaking away from the mold. Instead of a sentence prompt we were provided a picture.

My centus based on the picture above, follows below. I've titled it, A Fruity Trailer.

A Fruity Trailer


Coming soon to theaters...

The greatest love story ever told.
Orrie Ange was just a lonely girl rooted in Florida who never felt like she belonged...until one winter...

She met traveler, Jules Snow.
---"He just disappeared in the morning?"
----"I'm going after him."

Their love was instant.
---"She brings color and zest to my life!"

But with their families trying to keep them separated...
---"Orrie, he's flaky."
---"No, he's beautiful!"
--"He'll kill you if you stay with him!"

They'll have to fight to be together.
Can their love survive?
Julia Roberts. Johnny Depp

Orange Julius

February 12th 2011


You can tell I can't get movies off the brain, huh?



  1. FIRST off, omg how can you possible handle this schedule you have. Second, this "story" had me in stitches! Phenomenal, fun, funny. Love it!

  2. I have to echo Terra's thoughts - how on earth do you do it??? What a great use of the prompt, I laughed, I cried.... And when I got to the title, I rolled on the sofa laughing. What a fantastic imagination you have! Kat

  3. @ Terra and Kat: Thanks!! Luckily I only have to be a zombie for this week. As soon as my 40 pages are done I can go back to sleeping like a normal human being.

  4. Funny post...and do think Johnny Depp would still look great even as an orange!

  5. I love your imagination. This is such a great write!

    Enjoyed it!

    destined destination

  6. Absolutely brilliant! Just like 'Love Story'. you know how it ends but want it to be different!

  7. This was just great! So cleverly done.


  8. Oh I just love this! But think of your health! You can keep pulling all-nighters for long!
    I don't see any of this in your text though. It is funny and beautifully written.
    Clever and perfect to the last letter. No typos here. (I make mistakes and typos all the time, and I am supposed to be well-rested!
    Good luck with your school work!
    Anna's SC#36

  9. Very creative. Love the mention of zest too. I think you covered everything!~Ames

  10. Their love was instant.
    ---"She brings color and zest to my life!"...zest to my life...? Hilarious!

  11. LOL! You did a phenomenal job on this one, Lissa! Your imagination is always far-reaching and always so unique and original! Just amazing as usual!

    Welcome back to SC! We've missed you! Now go get some sleep for God's sakes!

  12. I loved your screenpaly Lissa! Good luck this semester in school -- get some rest along the way.

  13. despite your fatigue you gave us a wonderfully imaginative centus. I have a feeling you will go far!

  14. johnny depp! ... i am so there
    I loved the direction you took on this ... this was a fun read!

  15. Lissa! Happy New Year beautiful girl! Or should I say beautiful, crazy girl!

    What a schedule!

    And what a blockbuster!

    Can't wait to see your name in the credits for this movie! What a haunting love story it will be!

    You are wickedly talented! But I suspect you might already know that.

    Awesome seeing you and thank you for linking!