Thursday, January 6, 2011

How do you get rid off all food benchwarmers in your cupboard?

Answer: You make it a game.

This week I've created a bit of a challenge for myself that I have proudly succeeded in so far.

You know how sometimes you look into the back of your cupboard and discover foods you bought months ago but never ate?

Not the perishable foods that you find smelling awful and growing a second head but the non perishables. You pick it up. Look at it. Then put it right back where it will continue to sit for another five months just taking up space.

Well, rejected foods, this week is your chance off the bench. 

Low on money, and sick of looking at the two year old bag of stuffing in my cupboard, I came up with a plan. This week, I was to spend absolutely no money, which meant, no grocery shopping or eating out. I was going to only eat what I already owned, and having not gone grocery shopping since way before the holidays, I didn't have much. I would be forced to sustain myself with the few benchwarmer cans of food in my cupboard, and hopefully eliminate them all.

Operation: Divide and Conquer.

The first issue I encountered in this challenge is how none of my rejected foods really go well together. A can of refried beans and pasta? I had to get creative.  How about a side of stuffing, made with another reject, cream of mushroom.

Side dishes were forced to become whole meals. For lunch, a can of corn. Yeah, this challenge isn't really the healthiest of diets.

The hardest part about the challenge is you can never have what you are in the mood for. The question switches from, "what do I feel like?," to "what sounds the least off putting?"

Now after five days, I'm getting down to the wire with my foods. Here is a list of ALL the groceries I have at the moment in my fridge and cupboard.

-stuffing (Still. There's lots and I haven't really made a dent in it.)
-pasta (same as the stuffing.)
-refried beans
-green beans
-artichoke hearts
-3 boca burger patties
- coffee (I don't think I would be able to succeed in this challenge if I started while low on coffee)

And that's it. Anyone know any good recipes with these as the only ingredients? Haha. 

I only have two days of the challenge left before I'm going to go buy groceries but with everything almost gone, I might hold out until there is only one man standing. 


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